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We've been making birds jealous since 2015

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What do we do?

We offer professional imaging solutions for aerial & ground video/photography to all kinds of events, properties and buildings including hotels, resorts, commercial and residential properties. Basically anyone who needs coverage more so on aerial work.


To create beautiful aerial media showcasing the beauty of our country while changing how content is showcased.

How do we do it?

We cover all this beauty through the use of a quadcopter, offering footage that is both stable and flawless. We also offer ground photography and videography as an extra service. What's great about us is that the entire production process is in house, so we cover your whole project from the planning stage till you, the client is satisfied with the end product.

Our Services

Real Estate

We do cinematography for property showcasing the different faces of the property giving the viewer a much detailed view of the property they desire


We record sporting events from an aerial vantage including athletics, soccer games,extreme sports while offering services for events such as sports days for schools/companies.


We offer our services to hotels and resorts showcasing their beauty to the public, showing them their next holiday destination.


we do after movies for events such as music festivals, parties and weddings, providing the client with a beautiful detailed footage of their event.

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